East Tampa Academy encourages our students to wear the East Tampa Academy school uniform shirt. The shirt includes the school name and logo.* All students are expected to dress neatly.

  • Clothing should be hemmed, clean and free of decoration or non-school related advertising.
  • SHIRTS: Boys and girls will wear baby blue, gray, navy, bright blue, and/or white polos.
  • PANTS, SHORTS, SKIRTS/SKORTS, JUMPERS: Boys and girls may wear solid colored denim, kaki, navy blue, black pants or knee-length shorts.
  • SHOES: Boys and girls should wear closed toed shoes, such as sneakers or tennis shoes, are required. Sandals and flip flops are not appropriate for school and not allowed.
  • FACE MASKS: Students are required to wear face masks.
  • Hats will not be worn indoors unless for medical/religious reasons. Hats can be worn for outdoor activities.

* Purchase of shirts with a logo are not required.