Frequently Asked Questions: Student Admission and Enrollment

 My child is currently attending East Tampa Academy. Do I need to apply again?

No. Currently enrolled students are exempt from the application process and lottery. They are automatically guaranteed a space for 2020-2021 in the appropriate grade level. However, the parent/legal guardian must submit the “Intent to Return” form to the school for the next school year by the April 1, 2020 deadline. Parents can use the online Intent to Return form or complete the form during drop-off and pick up times. Additional information will be provided to our current families. INTENT TO RETURN FORM

 What happens if my child’s name is chosen during the lottery? 

 You will receive an email notifying you that your child has either being offered a spot or will be placed on the waitlist. If you receive an offer to enroll, you will have five (5) business days to accept or decline. If the parent fails to respond to the offer, the school must contact the next applicant on the waitlist.

What is the next step after I accept the offer to enroll my child at East Tampa Academy?

 You will receive information on the enrollment process. You’ll have ten (10) business days to complete and return the form and required documents to East Tampa Academy.

How old does my child have to be to enter Kindergarten?

Florida law requires that a student entering Kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year must be 5 years of age on or before September 1, 2020.

How old does my child have to be to enter 1st grade?

Although Florida law does not provide a specific age requirement for enrollment to 1st grade, the provisions of the law related to kindergarten admission and student progression dictate that 1st grade enrollment be limited to 1) students who turn six years old on or before September 1 who successfully completed kindergarten; and 2) out-of-state students who turn six years old after September 1 who meet the age requirement for public kindergarten admission from the transferring state, and who successfully completed kindergarten.

If I have one child who currently attends your school and I want my other child to attend, what should I do?

Please complete an admission application during the Open Enrollment period for the child you wish to enroll.  To receive sibling preference, be sure to list the name of your currently enrolled student under the “Sibling Attending East Tampa Academy” section of the application.

When is the 2020-2021 Open Enrollment period?

East Tampa Academy’s Open Enrollment period for the 2020 – 2021 school year begins January 17, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. and closes on April 17, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

How does my child apply?

Admission applications are available online and at the school.

To apply online, go to ADMISSIONS and click “Apply Now”.

Follow the prompted steps.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation when your application is submitted and verified for all required information.

To apply by submitting a paper application, pick up an admission application at the school office or call us at (813) 816-2100. When your application is submitted and verified for all required information, you will receive an email confirmation.

When will I be notified of the results of the lottery and how?

If a lottery is required because there are more applicants than spaces available, families of students selected through the random lottery will be notified by e-mail on May 1, 2020

What is the difference between an admission application form and an enrollment form?

The admission application form is submitted by the parent during the open enrollment period or after to indicate their desire to enroll their child at East Tampa Academy for the upcoming school year.

The enrollment form is submitted by the parent after the student has been admitted to the school.

To finalize the registration process, parents are required to submit the following documents:

Submit within ten (10) business days after accepting the offer to enroll.

  • East Tampa Academy Student Registration Form
  • Birth certificate
  • Parent/Guardian driver’s license
  • Proof of Residence (two forms of proof are required)

Current electric bill; lease agreement, property tax receipt; contract for purchase of home; warranty deed; homestead exemption

  • Special education documents

For students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Section 504 Plan or Education Plan (for gifted)

The following documents must be submitted by August 1, 2020.

  • Immunization Form DH-680 (must be submitted prior to the first day of school)
  • Physical exam form by any U.S. doctor within the last 12 months (must be submitted prior to the first day of school)
  • 2019-20 final report card (photocopy)
  • Custody court documents, if applicable

I submitted an admission application for my child, but I haven’t heard anything. Where is my child in the enrollment process?

On April 21, 2020, parents that submitted an admission application for the 2020-2021 school year during the Open Enrollment period (January 17 – April 17, 2020) will receive an email from the school.  The email will state 1.) your child will be invited to register for the 2020-2021 school year OR 2.) the school received more applications then spaces available for your child’s grade level and the school must hold a random lottery. The date of the public lottery will be April 29, 2020. Time: 4:00 p.m.

If the Open Enrollment period has ended, can my child still apply?

Yes. We continuously accept applications after the Open Enrollment period has ended through the following school year for which wish to apply. If a space is available in your child’s grade level, we will notify you via phone or email. If there are no openings in your child’s grade level, he or she will be placed on the waitlist in the order in which the application was received.

I applied last year but there were no openings in my child’s grade level. Do I need to apply again this year?

 Yes. Applications are year specific and do not roll over from year to year. Families of new students must apply each school year for the child’s specific grade level for the upcoming school year. The waitlist is only applicable to the specific school year in which you applied.

Please submit a new application during the school’s Open Enrollment period.

What is an enrollment packet and how do I get one?

An enrollment packet is available after the student has been offered admission and the parent has accepted. If no lottery is required because the number of students at any grade level does NOT exceed the number of available seats, you will receive an offer letter to enroll your child for the 2020-2021 school year. The letter will outline instructions and timelines for acceptance. Once you accept the offer to attend East Tampa Academy, enrollment instructions will be provided.

How is the number of openings determined?

The number of openings is determined by the total number of students allowed in each class based on Florida’s Class Size requirements minus returning students. The number of openings can vary from year to year.

What happens if there are no openings in the 1st and 2nd grades at the time of the lottery?

 The lottery will still be held; however, students selected in the lottery will be placed on the waitlist in the order in which the names were drawn.

I have three children that will be in the lottery. What happens if one child is offered a spot and the others are not? 

Once one sibling is offered a spot and you accept, the other children qualify for preferred enrollment. Although this does not create an opening for siblings, it does move them to the “preferred” section at the top of the waitlist. The exact position will be dependent on any other preferences already on the waitlist for the specific grade level. As soon as an opening becomes available, the parent will be contacted. Due to class-size requirements and overall building capacity we cannot create additional openings for siblings.

My child is on the waitlist but has moved down a spot. How is this possible?

We understand this is frustrating. However, we must follow the preferences permitted under federal and state law. For example, when one sibling is accepted and the other sibling on the waitlist, the waitlisted sibling is given enrollment preference, meaning he/she is moved to the top of the waitlist. Occasionally, parents will see their student move down the list instead of up.

What happens if my child’s name is chosen in the lottery?

You will receive an e-mail notification and have five (5) business days to confirm (accept) or decline admission. (The five business days do not include weekends and holidays.)

After accepting the offer, you will have 10 business days to complete the enrollment form and provide the required documents.

How will I know if my child has been selected for admission through the lottery process?

East Tampa Academy will notify parents of the results of the lottery via email on May 1, 2020.

I applied on the first day of Open Enrollment. Does that make a difference in the results of the lottery?

No. It makes no difference if you applied on the first day or the last day of the Open Enrollment period. All students will have an equal opportunity of being selected.

I live in a county OTHER than Hillsborough. Can my student still attend East Tampa Academy, if selected?

Yes, in accordance with Florida’s Controlled Open Enrollment law. If your student is offered a spot, you must submit the required documentation to provide proof of residence and a release from your home county. Please call the school at (813) 816-2100 for additional information and instructions.

If I move either in county or out of county after I have submitted the admissions application but before my child has been offered a spot, what should I do?

You must update your admissions application information with the school at the time you relocate to your new address. Please contact us at Be sure to include the name of your student.

 When can I tour the school?

During the school year, parents wishing to tour the school are requested to contact the school at (813) 816-2100 to arrange an appointment. Tours can be scheduled from 3:30p.m. – 6:00p.m. Monday – Friday.

For safety reasons and to be respectful to our students and teachers during learning time, tours are not available when school is in session. Tours are not available on school holidays and designated breaks, including spring break, and days when Hillsborough County public schools are closed. East Tampa Academy follows the student calendar established annually by the School District of Hillsborough County.

East Tampa Academy will hold parent information meetings on February 12, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. and March 11, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. Tours will be provided.

Can I attend the lottery?

Yes. If a lottery is necessary, it will be held on April 29, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. at the school. The lottery is open to the public. Please note that your attendance is not required and will have no impact on the outcome of the lottery.

My child was selected to enroll in East Tampa Academy through the lottery but I declined. Now I’ve changed my mind. What should I do?

Unfortunately, once you have declined the offer for admission to the school the next student on the waitlist is immediately notified of an available spot. Your student’s name will be added to the end of the waitlist. If an opening becomes available, the school will notify you by phone and email.

What if I want to accept an offer to enroll but don’t do it within the time frame stated in my admissions offer email?

If you do not respond within the timeframe stated in your email, your child’s space must be offered to the next student on the waitlist.

How long are the waitlists valid?

Waitlists are valid for the school year only. If another student withdraws during the summer, on the first day of school, or any time through the school year, the vacancy will be filled by the 2020-2021 school year waitlist by grade level.

How will I be notified if an opening becomes available after the April 29th lottery?

East Tampa Academy will contact families by e-mail and a phone call. If we are not able to reach you by phone, we will leave a voice message. Parents will have 48 hours to confirm or decline acceptance to enroll their student.

I submitted an application but changed my mind and do not want my student to be entered in the lottery. What should I do?

Please contact us by e-mail at

Requests to remove a student from the lottery or waitlist must be done in writing. This cannot be handled over the phone. Be sure to include the name of your student and 2020-2021 grade level.

My contact information has changed. How do I update it?

 If your telephone number, email address or home address has changed, please notify East Tampa Academy immediately. Call the school office at (813) 816-2100 or email us at Be sure to include the name of your student.

May I enter my child more than once in the Enrollment Lottery?

No. If it is discovered that a parent/guardian has entered a child’s name more than once using a different e-mail address, reversed the child’s first and last names, or any other misrepresentation in an attempt to have more than one opportunity in the lottery, the application will be considered null and void, and the child will be removed from the lottery. There are quality checks in place that will discover multiple entries.

Does the school have a Before and Aftercare program?

Yes. East Tampa Academy offers Before and Aftercare for a minimal additional charge. The Before Care program opens at 7:00 a.m. The Aftercare program closes at 6:00 p.m. For more information, please contact the school at (813) 816-2100.

Still have questions? Please contact us at (813) 816-2100 or email us at