The Evolution Institute is an applied science non-profit who started East Tampa Academy, the small charter school and VPK which serves students in K, 1, and 2. The school was established to address the issue of the great majority of children at the nearby regular public school failing by 3rd grade. We designed the school to help children learn. In the first year, even though we are a Title 1 school (free and reduced lunch eligible students) the school was in the top 40% percentile nationally in math and at or above grade level in reading. We were among the better performing schools in the district.

We are about to enter our third year and received funding to enhance the school. This includes funds for marketing.  While we are successful in getting families to state they will attend, there is a 40% drop off in those who actually enroll.  It is very important for us to fill our capacity of 90 students (VPK and K,1, 2 grade levels) and even have a true waiting list.

Our goal is to get 72 children in the charter side and 20 in the VPK side.  We think we will need to have 150 families say they will attend to achieve actual enrollments of 90.  The specific goals for VPK is 30 for the VPK to say they will attend, and 120 for the K,1,2 to say they will attend.  We estimate we have about 40 students signed up so far.

We are seeking proposals for a company to take charge of our very local marketing effort.  We are in East Tampa on 34th Street in a low-income community. Our building is new and very visible.  We expect we need multiple strategies that we need you to help shape. This may include events, signage, media?, visits to churches?  and similar activities.  We see you as the experts in helping us achieve this.

Our maximum budget is not large – we were funded up to $10,000.  We want to start marketing this month.

If you are interested, please provide a proposal.  It can be a one-pager so we can compare quotes and make a quick decision. If you are not interested, please let us know (and wish us luck!).

Due date for RFP is April 9, 2019. Please email with RFP.

Thank you

Jerry Miller




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